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Periodontal Gum Treatment in Plainview, NY

The most up to date techniques are used to provide the gentlest, yet most effective periodontal treatments in Plainview, NY. The emphasis in Dr. Sachs's practice is conservative periodontal therapy. Many times, early stages of periodontal diseases are best treated with a non-surgical gum treatments. This usually consists of a procedure to remove plaque and calculus (tartar) buildup below the gum line in periodontal pockets by placing a fine ultrasonic tip and/or hand instruments in between the tooth and gum tissue. This procedure is called scaling and root planing, and is followed by copious irrigation of the periodontal pocket with an antibacterial solution the eliminate remaining bacteria. Four to six weeks later, the depth of the pockets is reduced due to shrinkage and tightening of the gum tissue. Many people can then maintain the achieved improvement with routine brushing & flossing and regular maintenance cleanings. Periodontal Disease Treatment in Plainview is one of Dr Sach's specialties.

Periodontal Therapy

Even in most severe cases of periodontal disease, non-surgical gum treatment usually precedes surgical therapy. This is done so that overall tissue quality is improved prior to surgery and also limits the areas of required surgery. The purpose of surgical therapy is to gain access to those areas under the gum line that cannot be cleaned effectively with scaling & root planing, and also to rebuild lost bone support. Current bone regeneration techniques are more effective than ever before and help stabilize teeth that would otherwise become progressively loose, and would eventually be lost. An example of a typical guided tissue regeneration procedure is shown on the x-rays to the right. As you can see, the bone fill bolsters the support of the tooth, helps reduce the pocket depth, and makes that area more maintainable for future health. For more information on our non-surgical gum treatment in Long Island, Contact Us today.

Moderate Periodontal Disease | Non-surgical Gum Treatment Long Island

Moderate Periodontal Disease showing tartar buildup in periodontal pocket

Scaling & Root Planning | Non-surgical Gum Treatment Long Island

Scaling & Root Planing

Bone Loss | Non-surgical Gum Treatment Long Island

Bone loss on the right side of the tooth

Bone Fill | Non-surgical Gum Treatment Long Island

Bone fill following guided tissue regeneration