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Implant with post that supports tooth | Dental Implants Long Island NY

Implant with post that supports tooth

Natural tooth compared to dental implant | Dental Implants Long Island NY

Natural tooth compared to dental implant

Side View of Dental Implants | Dental Implants Long Island NY

How dental implants restore lost teeth back to normal

Advances in modern dentistry now make it possible for people who have lost teeth to have permanent replacements. We have been practicing at the forefront of this advanced technology since it was introduced in the mid-1980's. Dr. Sachs's role as a surgeon fordental implants in Plainview, NYgrew from his expertise using precision surgical techniques and his tradition of planning and coordinating the restoration of debilitated dentitions with restorative dentists. His detailed knowledge of the surgical procedures and ultimate needs of the patients and restorative dentists have allowed him to develop outstanding predictability and experience with dental implants. Once implants are placed, a healing period of 4-6 months is allowed during which time the dental implants have integrated ("fused") with the bone. Your dentist then fabricates and attaches the tooth, or teeth replacement to the implant. These techniques are extremely reliable and consistently result in a comfortable, permanent dental implant replacement of missing teeth. Of course, each patient presents unique circumstances which must be individually evaluated. Should a patient's bone level be less than ideal to support a successful result, Dr. Sachs' expertise in bone grafting and sinus lift techniques enables him to supplement and increase necessary bone thus achieving the desired goal Dr. Sachs has over 20 years of experience with replacing teeth with Dental Implants and has placed hundreds of dental implants for patients, with a very high success rate. During the treatment planning and placement phase, he uses advanced computerized technology to assure the most accurate placement of implants, and utilizes the finest dental implants from the leading manufacturers in the industry. Although today's dental implants are 97-99% successful, his office policy protects patients against failure for the first five years, assuring you that your investment will provide you with many, many years of service. Dr. Sachs' successful practice is indicative of his reputation as one of the best periodontists in his field.


Professional maintenance of your dental implants is important for long lasting success. We provide exceptional supportive care after you get your Dental Implants in Long Island NY in order to ensure they are healthy and functioning. For more information, please visit the American Academy of Implant Dentistry website or contact us today.