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About Our Team servicing Plainview, Huntington, Melville, Hicksville, Woodbury, Levittown, Bethpage, Farmingdale, NY, and surrounding areas.

The term "team" is associated with a focused body of individuals with a goal or predetermined result to achieve. Without the work and support of like-minded people to work for and alongside with, many diverse goals would go unmet. That is why we aspire to be a "team" - it takes a daily commitment to meet the challenges of a busy specialty practice that dedicates itself to the dental health and welfare of its patients, and we are up to the task. Dr. Sachs' team is comprised of five very different, diversely talented women - what unites us is our shared desire and ultimate goal to "be there" for the patients who put their trust in us. We strive to understand and respect our patients as individuals and assist them in maintaining their goals for oral and overall health.

The following are our valued team members:


After 20 plus years with Dr. Sachs, she is our financial advisor and the "go-to" person for all matters insurance and financially related. Rita works hard to assure that our patients receive their maximum insurance benefits when applicable and endeavors to assist our patients in whatever their financial circumstances. She also handles coordinating everything the "front desk" demands of her - with a smile! - AMAZING!


Dr. Sachs' "right hand"- quite literally - Dr. Sachs is left-handed! She is the woman whose skillfull assistance and surgical expertise has helped Dr. Sachs achieve optimum treatment results in the simplest to the most challenging procedures. Her calming personality and caring manner remains steady and comforting after 18 plus years - INSPIRING!


The upbeat personality and mega-watt smile of our dental hygienist for the past 5-plus years are a true blessing! Her experience and expertise in her profession and her dedication to prevention and patient care serves our patients well in maintaining their oral health! She is an A- plus asset! -ESSENTIAL!


Our newest team member has spent her past year with us as a dental hygienist winning new friends and great reviews for her demeanor and expertise. Lauren comes to us with an impressive resume which includes experience as a professor or Dental Hygiene and extensive education in her field. Her reassuring personality and manner is coupled with professional dedication and a fondness for her patients! LUCKY US!.


Joined us 5 years ago on a sabattical from dental hygiene and never left! She helps to serve us in treatment coordination and laison between our valued patients, their referring dentists and Dr. Sachs. In endeavoring to keep us all on the same page, she might be answering additional questions, providing encouragement and assurance when needed or just letting our patients know we are there, first, and foremost to keep them healthy and happy! DEDICATED!

And there you have it! Come join us - you'll enjoy the experience!!!