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How We Are Keeping You Safe & Healthy during COVID-19

Your Trusted Periodontist servicing Plainview, Huntington, Mellville, Hicksville, Woodbury, Levittown, Bethpage, Farmingdale, NY, and surrounding areas.

Dr. Henry A. Sachs, DDS

Dr. Sachs Specializes in Placement of Dental Implants and Treatment of Periodontitis


After careful consideration, Dr. Sachs, a trusted periodontist in Long Island, decided last year to move to a larger, more welcoming office location that became available right across the hall! Our office continues to be dedicated to the comfort and convenience of our patients as well as to the most important standards of safety and protection from infection and contamination. We use all the most current methods of the hands-on and environmental protocol - from the wearing of disposable gloves, gowns, and masks to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses to the utilization of specified soaps and scrubs for that purpose. Our water is specially filtered. Our instruments are autoclaved according to medical standards, and our treatment rooms are disinfected between patients. We use only disposable products when applicable, to minimize the possibility of cross-infection. Our staff is also required to periodically attend training courses in infection control and the latest data on the transmittable diseases that we protect our patients from in our daily practices. That also includes vaccination of our staff against Hepatitis B.

In addressing convenience and excellence of results, we now have the latest in dental 3-D imaging in our office. To plan and diagnose each patient's needs, a 3 - dimensional reproduction of the structure of the mouth is essential. To offer this service "in office" is ideal - the results are immediate — without the inconvenience of visiting an outside radiology facility and is time and cost-effective. This superior unit emits radiation that is the equivalent of one standard, single oral x-ray! We are proud and happy to include this technology in our excellent patient care.

CPR is also included in mandatory training — we cover all bases! Accredited biohazard disposal companies attend to all our biomedical waste and "sharps" for safety and sanitation. We are truly committed to the on-going pursuit of our valued patients and staff's health and safety.


Thank you for visiting our laser periodontics and implant dentistry website! We hope this will allow you to get to know us and become familiar with our services. We take great pride in our staff, office, and facilities, and feel that it is our responsibility to provide the finest laser periodontal and dental implant care. Perhaps your dentist has just referred you to a periodontist, or you are just curious about the various health implications of periodontal disease. We hope this site will provide you with an informative resource to learn about periodontal disease, dental implants, and the dental practice of Dr. Henry Sachs, a Long Island periodontist since 1985.


Choosing a doctor/dentist is one of the most important dental decisions you can make. You want someone caring, knowledgeable, and accessible. Someone willing to take the time to go over your options and treat you as a person, not just a patient. At our practice, we pride ourselves on our patient service. We offer a knowledgeable staff, safe and proven procedures, and the latest in dental and medical technology. We've created this web site for both new and current patients. It includes specific information on our practice and about Dr. Sachs.

We believe most people desire to keep their teeth for a lifetime and replace teeth that have been lost for better function, esthetics, or both. Dental implants are a tried and true option to replace teeth and provide comfort and a life-like appearance. Our goal is to help you attain the highest level of dental health you choose. We will help you attain this level of health at whatever pace you desire and hope that by attaining the highest level of dental health, you will come to realize the joy of a pleasing, comfortable, and functional smile. We will always present the ideal plan of treatment for your specific situation and needs. Remember, however, that "ideal" does not mean "the only". We believe you should always be aware of the best that modern dentistry can do for you and the latest innovations that can make your experience a positive one!

Long Island's first laser periodontist introduces revolutionary new laser treatment for periodontal diseases.

Dr. Henry Sachs pioneered the use of lasers in periodontics in 1989 and has 24 years of experience in laser periodontal therapy in Long Island, NY. He is a board-certified Long Island periodontist who has lectured extensively in the tri-state area, written articles and taught laser courses at NYU School of Dentistry and the Nassau County Dental Society. He is one of the first Long Island Periodontists to practice the superior Wavelength Optimized Periodontal Treatment (WPT™), utilizing TwinLight™ dual-wavelength technology to treat periodontitis. This revolutionary new method of treatment is truly state of the art because it greatly lessens the need for traditional periodontal surgery, less invasive, and promises faster healing with little or no bleeding. It reduced the risk of infection and much less postoperative discomfort. The laser advantage also lends itself to additional laser periodontal therapy and dental implant procedures, including cosmetic and reconstructive treatment. Dental implants are a substantial component in Dr. Sachs's practice. He is pleased that even the most challenging cases of dental implants are referred to him in recognition of his expertise and caring demeanor as one of the best Long Island Periodontists.


We strive to maintain a prompt schedule so that you will not have to wait when you arrive for your appointment, and will try to complete your periodontal and implant dentistry treatment in a short time as possible. If you are unable to keep an appointment, we ask that you give us a notice of at least 48 hours. This courtesy makes it possible to release your appointment time to another patient who desires to see the doctor and is greatly appreciated.


Following the initial examination of your mouth, we shall discuss our findings with you and coordinate Dr. Sachs recommended treatment with your general dentist. We will help you decide how you would be most comfortable treating your dental needs and the options open to you. If you do not have a dentist, we will be pleased to recommend a caring and competent professional.